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The incredible Drain Wig

The incredible Drain Wig

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Drain Wig is The Easiest way for you to remove any sort of clogged hair and grime In Seconds! Never again spend hours cleaning the sink when you can actually do it effortlessly with this amazing disposable tool? It fits ALL type of drain!


Stop that gross task today! Stop plucking out hair clogs with bare hands! Drain Wig is right here to help you prevent this EXTREMELY gross task, making every second of your shower worth more than ever!
All you need to do is to let the chain go down the drain and allow the flower stopper to rest nicely on the drain cap. That's all! Drain Wig Automatically catches hairs onto its flexible rubber whiskers as they flow down the drain.
Pull the Drain Wig out of the drain gently along with the clogged hair every 2 to 4 months and trash it. You can clean your drain for 4 to 8 months with a single purchase!

This is a TOP selling product and it's stock shrinks fast!